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    The size of the internal clearance of rolling bearing operation (also called clearance) on the fatigue life, vibration, noise, temperature rise, a great influence on bearing performance. Therefore, the choice of bearing internal clearance, for determining the structural dimensions of the bearing is an important research project. The so-called clearance, is the amount of clearance between the bearing inner ring, outer ring, rolling body. That is, the inner or outer ring party fixed, the other rings up and down or left and right arrow to move the amount of movement. The amount of movement of the radial direction and axial direction, respectively, called the radial clearance and axial clearance. GB and international standards are required.
    The company produces stainless steel bearings (plastic bearings to do the other requirements) the following series of radial clearance standards (equivalent to the production of the GB and international standard). O group for the group (also known as the standard clearance), no special instructions, click here Series supplier. Production of plastic bearing axial clearance in Table 3 standard, The company produces plastic bearings plastic bearings dimensional stability by itself precision limit, processing and installation of the shaft and housing squeeze easily deformed, causing the work clearance is reduced, so in manufacturing must be equipped with a relatively larger clearance in order to ensure the normal use of the bearing.

Stainless steel bearing radial clearance

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